Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Traveling Bee Circus

A colony of bees made a pit stop in the garden of my apartment complex a couple of days ago. Figuring they were taking up residence and building a hive, we were concerned the management would freak and have them exterminated. A neighbor made some calls and was informed they were actually clustering for a short time while scouts went out to find a permanent home. Before the ecstatic beekeeper could get here and relocate them, they were already gone. I'm so glad I got these before they moved on.


  1. eeeeek! clustering bees REALLY creep me out! this is so funny because i JUST posted a photo of a bee colony yesterday on my blog!

    even though i think they're creepy, i know we really need to keep our bees around, so i am very happy that these bees were taken to a safe place!

  2. Ok while this picture freaks me out just a little and makes my palms sweat, it's also awe-inspiring to look at.