Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun With Poladroid

I adore the look of polaroid photography and have a couple of cameras I've found at thrift stores. I've been intending to go out and grab some film before it is discontinued (though I hear the impending doom of polaroid extinction has recently been successfully combatted. I'm actually not surprised). The cost of the film and the fact that I usually get maybe one decent picture out of a $20 pack of ten has kept me from dusting the cameras off and using them for the shoppe or other projects. Along comes Poladroid, an image maker which converts your digital photos into "polaroids". Now truth be told, the purist/artist in me has a difficult time with using this instead of "keeping it real" and shelling out the bucks for the authentic, click and buzz, wave-the-picture-in-your- hand-so-it'll-develop-faster experience whilst staring a hole into the brownish, yellowish square as it miraculously morphs into an image. The starving artist, on the other hand, is really excited by this new discovery. (Check out Salvage Life. I found poladroid on her blog) I still plan on getting film and creating projects with the real deal in the near future. For now, here are some photos I've doctored and listed in the store. Watcha think?

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