Thursday, April 9, 2009


I found this series of photographs by Katrina M. d'Autremont titled Trapecistas on the blog, Marvelous Kiddo. As a parent re-considering traditional schooling and lifestyles in general, added to my reverence for the beauty and magic of circus and aerial work and creative performance in general, a recipe for sighs and reflection was inevitable.

Here is the artist's statement:

"When I was living in South America, I started taking circus classes. One thing that struck me was that the teachers of the trapeze classes were often women with young children. Often their children would be at the classes like at a daycare center, except the babysitters were the students of the classes. Each day these aerial mothers would train for hours as their children grew up into the world of circus arts. To these children what their mothers did each day was normal, and in trying to be like their moms, they fly through the air and grow up with a world most of us only imagine in fiction."


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