Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Playing With Fire

For the past forty years, there has been an annual event in Humboldt County called the Kinetic Sculpture Race. Machines are built which must navigate a course through land and sea over a two day span and are solely human powered. The layover is a camp out for crew members at a nearby beach with a big bonfire. Big is an understatement. The fire was downright epic. Well, the bonfire was epic; the propane tanks shooting 50 foot flames into the air was cuh-razy. I kid you not, 50 feet!! The heat and force of these flames made the crowd scream and fall back more than once. There were big guys with fire extinguishers nearby giving a false sense of security that the fire dancers were not going to become part of the fuel so I was still able to enjoy it. Fun was had by all but I awoke to red, leathery skin and I look as if I've aged ten years! Oh well.

The best shot I managed to get of us

A fire dancer by the small fire

Those people look mighty small...and combustible

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